Thomas Bandt

Native Development Doesn’t Always Cut It

For a first-class user experience on desktop and mobile, native development techniques are the gold standard for various reasons. But is it the only reasonable approach to build user-facing non-web applications?

Global State Management For React Apps

There is almost an infinite number of solutions for the problem most React applications face – state management. This post discusses a pragmatic and simple and yet powerful approach using the Context system.

Pragmatic MVU With React And TypeScript

With the introduction of hooks, React got some compelling new instruments – including useReducer, which can be used to implement Model-View-Update within a React component.

Type-Safe Single Page Apps: F# Vs. TypeScript

While there are many UI libraries available today to build modern web apps, the number of programming languages that compile to JavaScript has also increased in recent years. Here is a quick take on F# and TypeScript.

About Scaling Model-View-Update

You've learned about MVU and started building a real app that is now growing beyond its first view. Now you are wondering: How can that be structured, how does it scale? Does it scale at all?