Thomas Bandt

Moving From Node.js To ASP.NET Core

In late 2014 I made the decision to leave ASP.NET behind and give Node.js a try. Fast forward two years and I am back in my beloved .NET environment but still developing on macOS and able to host on Linux.

Certificate And Public Key Pinning With Xamarin

Are you securing the communication between your app and its backend with HTTPS (SSL/TLS)? Fantastic. But how do you make sure the other side is authentic? Read on on how to do this with Xamarin for iOS and Android.

Back To Sender: Some Thoughts On The MacBook Pro 13" 2016

There has been written a lot about the new 2016 MacBook Pro models. Albeit those reviews often include fundamental criticism, I made the decision to not cancel my order and give it a try anyway. But the experiment didn't last long.

A Nicer Messaging Interface For Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms provides cross-platform messaging capabilities for Android, iOS and Windows Phone with its MessagingCenter – but in a really strange fashion. I thought there must be a simpler way.