Thomas Bandt

Type-Safe Single Page Apps: F# Vs. TypeScript

While there are many UI libraries available today to build modern web apps, the number of programming languages that compile to JavaScript has also increased in recent years. Here is a quick take on F# and TypeScript.

About Scaling Model-View-Update

You've learned about MVU and started building a real app that is now growing beyond its first view. Now you are wondering: How can that be structured, how does it scale? Does it scale at all?

Microsoft's MVU Is Anything But MVU

At Build 2020, Microsoft announced a new initiative to build multi-platform user interfaces. Along with the announcement came something that has been discussed heavily on Twitter: Its interpretation of Model-View-Update.

Learning How To Learn

A few years ago, I made the decision to go back to university in my spare time. One of the first things I had to learn was how to efficiently manage and process complex subjects.

My Five Years Without Pants

A lot of people are just about to learn how to work from home. In fact, my team and I have been doing that for many years. Here is what I observed and learned along the way.