Thomas Bandt

Developing iOS Views: Custom Code And XIB

While developing native mobile applications for iOS you generally have two options for creating (reusable) visual elements: writing them by hand or designing them visually with the Xcode Interface Builder.

TDD Is A Tool, Not A Religion

People talking about Test Driven Development often split into two camps: fundamentalists, preaching no line of code should be written without a test, and deniers, refusing to use TDD at all.

Startup Lesson Learned: Think About Your Shares

Giving away shares of your company too early or too much is a dangerous and often irreversible thing. You should think twice before offering shares or accepting deals where you pay with them.

Is Node.js better than ASP.NET?

Coming a long way down the Microsoft Bubble Avenue and being a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET since 2006, I always felt productive with my personal stack.

Hosting Node.js and MongoDB

After digging into web development with Node.js the last couple of months I had to choose where to host this blog, which I had decided to rewrite and run with Node as a result of my research.