Thomas Bandt

Xamarin.iOS Memory Pitfalls

One of the huge benefits of using Xamarin for developing cross-platform applications is clearly C#. But that often leads to bad coding practices which can put your app in jeopardy.

Simple Feature Toggles For Xamarin Apps (And Everything Else)

I consider continuous delivery a cool thing, particularly but not only in mobile app projects. It's nice to have the client see and touch new features as soon as they're ready. But sometimes it could be useful to disable those features. This is when Feature Toggles come into play.

Developing iOS Views: Custom Code And XIB

While developing native mobile applications for iOS you generally have two options for creating (reusable) visual elements: writing them by hand or designing them visually with the Xcode Interface Builder.

TDD Is A Tool, Not A Religion

People talking about Test Driven Development often split into two camps: fundamentalists, preaching no line of code should be written without a test, and deniers, refusing to use TDD at all.

Startup Lesson Learned: Think About Your Shares

Giving away shares of your company too early or too much is a dangerous and often irreversible thing. You should think twice before offering shares or accepting deals where you pay with them.